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Miten grew up in the 60s.  "At that time, England was alive with rock 'n' roll music and the sound of The Beatles.  Everywhere you went it was on the street.  It was a time of innocence, a time when you could sense the possibility that life has no boundaries." 

He later went on to establish a successful career for himself in the 70s and 80s as a singer/songwriter, touring with such bands as Fleetwood Mac, Lou Reed and Ry Cooder.  During this time he released two well-received albums, one produced by The Kinks, another by noted Los Angeles producer Bones Howe for Ariola Records.  Ultimately he found the rock 'n' roll life-style unfulfilling and empty, and he began an inner search which led him into the world of meditation. 

It was at this time he came upon the most important and influential figure in his life, the rebel mystic, Osho.  "After I met Osho, everything fell into place," he says.  "He gave purpose to my life, and an understanding that divine chaos is the essence of it.  My eyes were opened to new possibilities which I continue to explore to this day." Miten proceeded to live his explorations, spending most of his time in India at the ashram of Osho, where he eventually found a way to express his gratitude, not surprisingly, through music.

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