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Daniel Bellone is a recording artist, focusing on awakening mantras for the soul. He believes in the healing and transformative power of sound. He writes,

"There came a time in my life where an extraordinary transformation started in my inner world. My heart opened up in a whole new way for the first time and I felt so much Love towards everything, specially to the source of this Awakening. The only way to express this immense flow of gratitude was singing praises to the Divine, who was touching my life so deeply. Only by giving what I was receiving my heart felt peace.

I've played the guitar since I was 10 years old, but in my early 20's I started loosing my motivation in music. It wasn't thrilling any more and felt meaningless. Only after this experience of transformation, when I experienced "Bhakti" ~ Devotion ~ for the first time, is when music came back to me in a completely new way. I couldn't call it music, I couldn't understand it with my mind, this was something else, completely different to what I had known before and was the language of the heart.

This experience of Oneness that I was having became much deeper after receiving a "Deeksha" in 2005, when I first met my beloved Sri Amma Bhagavan, Kalki Avatar. I was sitting with closed eyes meditating in a yoga studio with around 10 other people when somebody came up to me and placed their hands over the top of my head. At that moment I had a vision ~ I saw myself climbing up a mountain carrying a heavy backpack with all my life stories and attachments. I was looking very tired of doing all the effort by myself, "trying to get there". The mountain I was climbing were all my life pursuits. I looked up and saw the mountain top just a few hundred meters away, and even though I was moving forward, the mountain top seemed to move further away each time I looked. Suddenly I felt a very strong wind coming from below, it was tremendously powerful, so embracing, so fresh and everything around me became brighter, full of light. The wind lifted me up from the ground and pushed me further away from the top of the mountain into the vast Universe... there was no effort involved, it was pure Grace. Here is when I realized the importance of having the Divine Presence in my life. I wasn't religious nor spiritual, but now I could see that without the Divine, my life felt so empty and purposeless.

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