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Swamini Turiyasangitananda (Alice Coltrane) has traveled the path of spiritual re-awakening along the terrain of sacrifice, surrender, and joyful obedience to reach the summit of spirituality known as God-realization.

Today her spiritual legacy stands alongside ancient saints and sages who boldly renounced the lower nature, false illusions, and personal ambitions.

"The Lord says, 'I want you to know your place with Me and what it is all about. You are really not separate from Me. You consider yourself to be, yet you are not.'  You are a part of the Lord. You are a part of this great Immortality, this great Eternalness that has been here and has existed on and on and will continue on." - Swamini A.C. Turiyasangitananda

Swamini Turiyasangitananda received the rare bestowal of God's prema, or divine love along with the invitation to service. Moreover, as a selfless servitor of God's people, Swamini's loving ministry of healing, teaching, and transmitting devotional music from the higher spheres uplifts the human spirit to the transcendent realm of inner peace, light, and universal love.

 Alice McLeod, fifth of six children, was born to parents, Solon and Anne Mc Leod August 27, 1937. From her earliest years her heart resonated to the inner life of spirit. The McLeod home on Detroit's east side imbued upon all family members the spiritual and moral principles of love for God and kindness toward others. Alice's cultivation of her musical talent from age seven on qualified her to eventually play piano and organ for the junior and senior choirs of the family's Mount Olive Baptist Church and other Detroit churches.

Her proficiency in classical music led to performances in major music halls throughout the world. Her music genre expanded through musical association with her late husband and musical genius, John William Coltrane.

In 1967 John passed away, leaving Alice and their four children. It was a time of change and adjustment for the family. Her firm faith in God was the source of her spiritual strength.
Sometime later, Alice entered an austere period under the Lord's divine guidance. Her time was spent in isolation, fasts, prayers, and  increased meditations. When she had completed the spiritual practices, the Lord bestowed on her manifold blessings: shakti initiation, divine anointing, the renunciant name, Swamini Turiyasangitananda, and the divine mandate to "Go and Serve My people."

In time Swamini's ministry of sacred sound and divine wisdom manifested.
Celestial sounds of the soul's exhilaration before God were expressed in her devotional compositions, arrangements, and divine chants of God's holy Names. Sublime Vedic wisdom was disclosed in her written inscriptions. The Lord's prediction of her having a 'school' eventually materialized.

The Vedantic Center founded by Swamini in 1975, later established a spiritual community in the rustic Santa Monica Mountains. Dedicated to honor and follow the teachings of Avatar, Sri Sathya Sai Baba, it was named Sai Anantam Ashram. Swamini's ministry of over thirty years related and demonstrated the purpose of human life and the means to attain God for spiritual seekers of various cultural backgrounds and  religious traditions.
In January 2007, Swamini ascended to the spirit side of life. Her entire life exemplified that the true purpose of human life is to cultivate devotion for God. She taught that all of humanity is a divine radiation from the One Supreme Lord. Like other ascended sages, Swamini's eternally liberated spirit lives on in the hearts and lives of those that she edified, uplifted, and guided to higher levels of enlightenment.

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