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Manifesting with Intent: Journaling & Meditation for Personal Growth


You hear these key phrases thrown around on a daily basis, “Be vulnerable. Be transparent. Be authentic. Show up. Be present. Live a life of gratitude. Live a life of meaning. Live a life of intent.” But what does it all mean? Do you know what kind of a life you want to live? What kind of person you wish to be or become?

Do you ever lie in bed at night with a feeling of discontentment or lack of accomplishment? Do you ever feel like you are juggling far too much, operating on auto-pilot, or sometimes making errors due to lack of attention?

According to Sheryl Melanson, “This can be the consequence of accidental living or not living with intention. To-Do lists are great, but how do they encompass our sense of purpose or vision? And, while it not reasonable to expect every minute to be purpose-driven, perhaps we each could feel a bit more fulfilled if we injected more consistent intention into our daily living. To live with intention is to depart from our comfort zone—that mindless, habitual state of unconsciousness that is more doing than being.”

When we hold intent, we call forth the actual consciousness (awareness) of the universe and, therefore, have at our disposal all the intelligence contained within it.

While living with intent means showing up and being present in the here and now, it also means reflection and looking inward. Many begin the new year with vision Boards, which is great, but writing as a means for reflection can help give you a wonderful sense of being and connection as you delve in the deep and truly get to know thyself.

Journaling is also a wonderful practice as it gives you something tangible to go back to – to remind yourself of what you want to accomplish as well as showing you how far you’ve already come. Write out your hopes, dreams, and desires – and speak them into being. Then take your practice a little deeper by using meditation as a means to envision what you would like to manifest and what you would like to accomplish or achieve throughout the year.

Setting intent means setting goals, a clear focus of a path and destination. Meditation and reflection will act as your compass and guide in how to get from Point A to Point B.

It is also recommended that when you are doing visualizations or writing down your intentions - do it as though it is happening in the now. For instance, if your intent is to maintain a healthier lifestyle, write something to the effect of, “I had a wonderful meal consisting of quinoa, roasted carrots, and squash. I had so much energy afterwards I went on a 30-minute walk. It was beautiful to be in nature and to feel the sun on my face, the gentle breeze on my cheeks…” Write it as though it is already happening and watch your life transform.

“Each one of us holds transformational capabilities to engage the world constructively through the images of the future we hold in our mind. Our thoughts have power. The power of intent together with action transforms our lives and our world.” ~Dennis and Elizabeth Kucinich, A New Year of Peace, Prosperity, Hope

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