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For Simrit, singing is not a performance, it is a sacred worship of the Divine. Her voice, her music, and her teaching, reflect this devotion which seems to come from her so effortlessly. This devotion is a gift, a talent beyond any, that will lead thousands into the lightness of being and awareness that is so vital to humanity in this day and age.” …Snatam Kaur

Simrit is a musician, composer and yogini who was born in Athens, Greece and grew up in the United States.  She has been singing and playing music from the time she was a young child. She grew up singing, studying and listening to the ancient Byzantine hymns of the Greek Church while also being steeped in Greek folk and classical music and other music spanning many different genres.

Simrit is a devotional music artist who brings the depth of the sacred and ancient to the modern.  While Simrit’s music is steeped in tradition, it transcends all space and time.  Simrit is a student, practitioner and teacher of Kundalini Yoga/NaadYoga(the science of sound and consciousness).  She records music, tours with her band, and teaches workshops while traveling and at home.

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