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Nevada City is becoming a Tower of Light due to places like Innerpath laying down products, venues and gatherings that are inspirational and enlightening. Thank you John for envisioning this and walking the path so brightly!!

 Jan Sara Jorgensen Cercone, Nevada City, CA


 I love shopping online and in-store at Inner Path because it has every product I could imagine to help me deepen my spiritual practice. It truly has everything from yoga and spiritual books, to Ayurveda products, to beautiful and uplifting home and office decor, to meditation and yoga products. Not to mention the prices are fair, and the customer service is super friendly and efficient. I love Inner Path!

 Meera Grace Hoon, Orange County, CA


 Inner path is an amazing place. It has great tools for spiritual growth and acceleration. It also has an amazing library with a nice communal space to lounge,read and commune Which is very peaceful also. My experience of the director John was very pleasant. His compassion for my situation at the time inspired me to gentleness and ease.  I hope inner path touches more lives as it has mine.  May it create community, thrive and prosper for all who enter and work there.

 Paloma M, Hidden Valley Lake, CA


I felt blessed just by walking into the building. The vibration of the store and the staff is so beautiful. Such a nice place to go and buy a beautiful gift, or take a class.

 Karuna Mae, Nevada City, CA


"THANK YOU! The green meditation cushion I ordered from yourselves has winged its way eastwards and northwards to the far tip of the Isle of Skye, off nor-west Scotland, so speedily!"

SP, Isle of Skye, UK


"I picked up the custom Navaratna necklace at my po box yesterday. Put it on immediately after taking it out of the package. It's totally beautiful, even seems to have a shiny, pure aura. I didn't expect that.Please give my thanks for Marion. It's more than I could have dreamed of."

PW, Sacramento, California


"Thank you so much for sending me another one. I really appreciate your help and generosity. I am loving the oil so far. Thanks again!"

CF, Tucson, Arizona


"Very grateful for your excellent customer service."

MM, Austin, Texas


"Thank you very much for all of your assistance. A new day is dawning for me, and I wanted you to know how much your help meant to me today. May your day be as blessed as you have made mine. Much gratitude."

LR, Pittsboro, North Carolina


"I was so excited to find a new book about our Dear Beloved Yogi, and you sent it so quickly I am amazed. I think Yogi flew it here. Thank you so much. Many Blessings to you too."

MW, Oceanside, California


"What JOY indeed! I received the mala today and it is Exquisite. I love it already and will use it today. Thank you so very much for taking the time to make this special mala. It will be cherished for many years to come. I will be sure to say a prayer for you before using it. With love and joy."

MS, Independence, Kentucky


My package arrived today already somehow. I want to thank you for promptly handling the situation and for it getting here so quickly. I enjoy the products that I ordered. :)"

 "I thank you for your honesty in description of items so that I could make decisions that mattered to me."

WL, Glendale, California


"It has been a great pleasure to shop at 'Inner Path'. Thank you and all the team for your outstanding patience and efficiency! Na Aham - Tat Sat."

LB, Sao Paulo, Brazil


"I have placed several orders from Inner Path and each was an uplifting experience. Pushpa has taken the time to help guide me to others that can help me along the Path. She takes the time to get to know me and makes suggestions for books etc. and I have never been disappointed."

RS, Las Vegas, Nevada


"Your service is impressive. I will order more products from you in the future."

TO, Los Gatos, California


"I really like the wool meditation blanket I recently purchased. And the personal thank you note was enough to bring me back for more supplies. You're one of the few sites I've found that carries Kriya specific items. Thanks!"

RF, Alpharetta, Georgia


"Wow - my custom mala arrived overnight! The USPS must have known I was heading out of town tomorrow morning and would be surprised yet thrilled to have it before then. It's lovely. Wonderful service all around, from helping specify what I want, to keeping me updated on the progress, to quick turnaround times, even to lovely wrapping in the final package. Thank you all so much!"
GW, Mountain View, California
"Thank you for your wonderful service!"
AV, Houston, Texas

I recently purchased some candles and a wool blanket. The candles are great and the Blanket is Awesome. So I am getting a few more as gifts. Peace and Joy Thank you very much!"

PT, Burbank, California


"We were excited to receive our harmonium yesterday in good condition and we unpacked last night. It was packaged well with no apparent damage to the box. It all looks good and seems to have travelled fine. Even though smaller than others and very light, as far as we can tell, it still has a good, full, rich sound that we are very happy with.Thanking you for your prompt and helpful service."

GT, New Zealand


"Thanks so much, you give wonderful customer service!"

CS, Chicago, Illinois



"It’s been several months since I purchased my mala and I can’t be anymore pleased. It is absolutely beautiful. The Tiger Eye stones have a beautiful luster, almost translucent in the bright sun. I use it often and keep on me always and it has made a huge difference in my spiritual pursuits. Thank you for having this made for me."

DS, Utah


"Thank you so much! I really love my new mala. It's beautiful! And thank you for the blessings."

MP, Nevada City, California


"Wow, [the Woodstock Chimes of King David] are so awesome! Thanks again."

CT, Alberta, Canada


"Thank you so much!! My harmonium came in wonderfully, sounds beautiful, and undamaged. Looking forward to singing praise! Namaste."

PB, Lebanon, Ohio


"Wow. Placed an order yesterday and it is already here today! Thank you."

KD, Sonora, California


"Rather than shopping around here in Canada, I shall go with my friend's recommendation, and she says this Deluxe Extra Thick Yoga Mat is excellent."

KJ, Canada


"Just a quick note to inform you that the Sandalwood mala arrived today in the post! It is GORGEOUS! Thank you for wrapping it so carefully. Warmest wishes and blessings."

NW, Pori, Finland


"I would like to thank you very much for the parcels that I have received and the excellent service that you continue to provide. God Bless."

SP, Leicester, United Kingdom


"Thank you so much for the beautiful mala! It radiates bliss. Thanks much for the speedy delivery as well. Namaste."

JW, Albuquerque, NM


"I received my Japanese Singing Bowl, which was shipped and received very quickly. The sound is just absolutely beautiful! The striker and pillow/cushion are delicate and lovely. I highly recommend these bowls."

VM-B, Whitestone, New York


"You have such beautiful products. It is so nice that the world "became so small" that I can buy from your site."

AB, Osjek, Croatia


"Just letting you know that the book arrived safely today in perfect condition thanks to your excellent protective packing."

SS, Springvale, Australia


'I appreciate how easy it is to shop through Inner Path. I am impressed with your service and how everything about Inner path is not only easy to use, but it’s just beautiful and well thought out. A very wonderful vibration and high consciousness.'

JF, Nevada City, California


"I am enjoying using the Aum Board so much. Thank you for making them available for us."

 "Thanks for being such a great resource for us freelance yogis!"

FF, Encinitas, California

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