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Lingam With Buddha Carving

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River Narmada Shiva Lingams

The Bana Lingam is a Sacred Symbol and Divine Energy Tool, both in the ancient and in this modern world and it comes with the loftiest frequency of vibrations (compared to any stone on Earth) and appears from only one place on the entire Planet of Earth - in the cradles of Holy River Narmada. The Bana Lingas are Swayambhu Shiva Lingas that have taken shape in the Sacred Narmada River, in the Central Western part of India. This is why the Bana Lingams are also known as the Narmada Banalingas or Narmadeshwar Shiva Lingas.

The Sacred Narmada River is one of the Sapta Gangas - Seven Holy Rivers of India. The Hindustani Legends identify it with “Reva,” which is described as the “sweat” flowing out of Lord Shiva’s own body when he performed his Cosmic Dance “Thandhava.” 

Many Vedic Scriptures propound that the natural Narmada Banalingas are self-manifest respresentations of Lord Shiva.  


The Composition & Symbolism of Narmada Bana Lingas : 

The Shiva Lingas formed in the River Narmada contain Crypto Crystalline Quartz (made up of either fibrous or granular aggregates of tiny, microscopic Quartz Crystals) and a Gemstone material called Chalcedony (an iron oxide and geothite inclusion) along with Basalt and Agate - this unique composition coupled with elliptical shape has a precise resonance in alignment with our Energy Centers or Chakras and are used for thousands of years as Divine Energy Generators for cleansing, healing and for meditation. The Narmada Bana Lingas are quite strong and the hardness is a 7 on the Moe’s Scale.

It is the considered view of many researchers and geologists that the unique composition of the Narmadha Shiva Lingas was due to the impregnation of it’s rocky river-sides and the rocks in the river bed, 14 million years ago by a large meteorite that crashed into the Narmada River. The fusion of the Meteorite and the Earthly Minerals has spawned a new and unique type of Crystalline Rock with extraordinary energetic qualities - the Narmada Bana Lingam.   

Over a period of time, these rocks split into bits and pebbles and were moulded by the forceful currents of the Narmada River which naturally tumbled and produced perfectly shaped and polished Shivalingams. As the Narmada River is accessible only during dry seasons, certain families, who hold ancestral “rights,” are allowed to harvest the stones, do so once a year, after a special ceremonly, while the river is low. These families pass down their training to each new generation. 

 Once collected, these Sacred Stones are hand-polished with a waxy butter - a mystic mixture of mud, dung, natural oils, special herbs. This technique done by specially trained artisans brings out the natural markings inherent in their composition, and a unique soft glow.

The Narmada Bana Lingam’s upright egg shape represents the Pure Consciousness of Lord Shiva and the Holy Markings on the Sacred Stone, which differ greatly from stone to stone, represent the interactive aspect of Goddess Shakti  that manifests the Creative Power in the Dance of the Cosmos. Together, they represent the Union  of the Supreme Male and Supreme Female energies: Shiva Shakti, the Wholeness and Oneness, the divine Blending of knowledge (Shiva) and wisdom (Shakti). This is the very same concept expressed by the “Yin” and “Yang” concept from the Orient. 

 There is a school of thought that considers that this is a way of transitioning between Murtis (Formed Shapes) and the Formless. The sacred Shiva Lingam is widely considered to be the “Form of the Formless”.  According to Vedic Texts, the Narmada Shiva Lingas illustrate Harmony through Duality and represent power, creation and the physical plane or grounding of those who have these divine energy tools. 

 The Narmadeshwar Shiva Lingams, because of their divine vibrations, are popularly called as “Cosmic Eggs” by NewAge Metaphysical Practitioners. They are also identified subconsciously with our physical origin, an embryo - the Holy Embryo : Divine Creative Manifestation of the Sacred Soul.

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